Green amethyst rings rank high on the list of popular green crystal jewelries in the world today. Their undeniable charm and interesting hue are to blame for such devotion over them. If you find yourself wanting to buy one as a gift for someone special or for yourself, care and caution has to be practiced. They are after all not cheap and so you might want to read on the following checklist and find out how to score the best green amethyst rings.

Checklist Item # 1: Color Saturation – Also referred to as the Prasiolite or Praseolite, the gemstone is commonly found in its original purple hue. They are subjected to heat treatments in order to bring out their emerald tinge. Naturally occurring green amethysts are extremely rare ad are cause by the heating from a volcanic eruption. This is why varying rings may have different hue saturations. The choice is up to preference.

Checklist Item # 2: Stone Clarity – The clearer, the higher its value and the more intense the fire. Clarity pertains to the absence of natural blemishes internal and external to the amethyst.

Checklist Item # 3: Durability – The rings itself has to be durable for it to last. This applies to the stone, the metal and the craftsmanship in which it has been made.

Checklist Item # 4: Metal Variant – Varying metals may be used and they can have different alloy components. Be sure to inquire to gauge quality and durability.

Checklist Item # 5: Jewelry Detail – The details in jewelry often pertain to the number of prongs and the engraving. Of course these have to be done by only the most skilled craftsman and jeweler to achieve a clean and precise finish.

Checklist Item # 6: Size and Weight – The bigger the stone, the wider the ring band then the heavier the ring. This does not go on to say that your jewelry has to be huge. That is again a matter of preference.

Checklist Item # 7: Authenticity – Ask for a certificate of authenticity to prove if the green amethyst ring you are about to buy are indeed genuine.

Checklist Item # 8: Seller Validity – Last in our list would be the seller of the green amethyst ring. Be sure that you have made adequate research and have validated the person or company trading so that you do not end up transacting with bogus people.

If you were only allowed to own a single piece of jewelry, versatility is a key ingredient for you to look at. That being said, a pair of diamond solitaire earrings would be your most trusted companion. It’s classic and needless to say, a gorgeous piece of luxury that you can wear dressed up or dressed down. But how exactly can you wear it like a pro? Are there any tips to making it shine and sparkle even more? We’ve got some tricks to get you covered so read up on them below!

Pro Tip # 1: Never wear dirty jewelry. – This applies not only to your diamond solitaire earrings but also to any other accessory in general. Apart from sanitation purposes, cleaning them on your own or by a professional will remove all that built up gunk that slathers onto the stone and dulls its sparkle.

Pro Tip # 2: Check for any damages beforehand. – To avoid losing the diamond or getting the damage to worsen, check for any possible damages like scratches, damaged or missing prongs, chips or fractures on both the metal setting and the stone. Should there be any, do not put on the piece anymore and immediately bring it to the shop for repair. Diamonds are pretty sharp and any dents can cause scratches against your skin. They can also tangle with your hair.

Pro Tip # 3: Mind your tops’ neckline. – Technically, earring studs are pretty versatile as they suit most ensembles. They however look exceptionally good against high neckline clothing or when you decide to bundle up with scarves.

Pro Tip # 4: Flatter them with your hair. – Unlike big chunky statement pieces, diamond solitaire earrings are rather delicate and more subtle in charm which is why it makes perfect sense if you wear it with your hair up in a bun, braided, tucked behind your ears, in a pony tail and pretty much any other hair style that allows the ears to be seen and noticed. Surely, you don’t want to hide them up all day.

Pro Tip # 5: Don’t overindulge. – See to it that when you put on your diamond solitaire earrings, you also match your other accessory pieces to it. Do not overindulge and add too many into your outfit. Make sure that every piece creates a story and a detail that makes one complement the others. You do not want to end up looking like a Christmas tree with various ornaments seeking for attention all at once!

Blue topaz rings and jewelry are considered to be among the highly favorite pieces among the available gemstone accessories in the world today. We seriously could not blame them because they are not only beautiful but they also possess a unique charm all on their own. Now whether you own one, is planning to buy one or thinking about purchasing it as a present, then these following facts may come in handy for you.

ONE: It comes mostly in 3 shades: powder or sky blue, Swiss blue and deep London blue. – Although there are varying shades in which this stone is available, the three gradients are probably the most common. The powder or sky variant is the lightest and coolest and is sometimes almost transparent. The deep London is the darkest and coolest while the Swiss one is right in the middle of the two.

TWO: They do not originally come in strong bold hues. – Although they are famous for its color, the topaz actually comes in an almost opaque color or a very light gradient. The highly saturated ones are very rare so most topaz stones are subjected to either heat or irradiation to bring out its bold tints.

THREE: Exposure to varying levels of temperature can affect their quality. – Because many are treated, their prolonged exposure to direct heat can cause some discolorations and blemishes. To avoid this, be sure to remove your jewelry piece while taking a hot bath, going for a run, getting a tan and other related activities. Keep them stored away from direct sunlight too.

blue-topazFOUR: It is a fairly hard gemstone with a grade of 8 under the Mohs scale. – The blue topaz is in fact a hard gemstone given its grade of 8. However, like diamonds they have what we call the perfect cleavage wherein they can be split as a result of sharp blows and knocks.

FIVE: The stone cut and clarity dictates much of the jewelry’s value. – The quality and value of topaz rings and jewelry are highly dictated by their careful and precise cut. The cut refers to the manner and grade in which the stone has been given different facades and edges. The better the cut the more flawless and shiny it becomes. Additionally, their clarity enables light to travel better giving it extra fire and shine. These two dictates the quality more than the size of the stone itself.


Gemstone jewelry pieces are considered valuable. Their rarity and the intricate meticulous process that they have undergone under the hands of expert jewelers and artisans are to be attributed for this. It cannot be denied that their ethereal charm, regal air and mystic qualities make them a favorite piece for the years past and beyond. They are timeless. But like most things if not given proper care and maintenance, these beauty will falter and go dull. So how should one go about it then? The answer is through proper care and upkeep and we’ve got Diamond Deals Online to share to us some effective storage tips and techniques for your gemstone jewelry.

Storage Tip #1: Look for a hard cover with a soft lining. – When choosing a jewelry box always go for one that has a tough exterior that does not easily break but one with a soft inner lining that is gentle enough for your charms.

gemstone storageStorage Tip #2: Go for containers with compartments and dividers. – Additionally it is best to choose those that have a number of compartments or dividers. Harder gemstones like diamonds, sapphires and rubies can easily scratch softer variants like opals, pearls and amethysts. In essence they are stones and are therefore hard but most of them are not scratch proof. Even a diamond can scratch another of its kind so it is best to keep them separated.

Storage Tip #3: Use Ziploc bags. – If you cannot find one with dividers then you can use trusty Ziploc bags or small garment bags to hold pieces separately. This one’s a pretty effective and fool proof trick.

Storage Tip #4: Keep necklaces hanged. – To keep necklaces from getting tangled, find a container that keeps them hanged. It not only allows you to showcase your items but also allows for less scrambled jewelries and prevents delicate pieces from splitting up when pulled.

Storage Tip #5: Keep earrings together using foam or paper. – To avoid losing a piece from your pair of earrings, keep them inside Ziploc bags or secure them into a single piece of thin foam or even a piece of paper.

Storage Tip #6: Do the mesh wire or cork board trick. – If you want a very cost efficient method then you might want to try some DIY. Sandwich a mesh wire into a frame and be sure to remove the glass and backing. You only want the borders here. You can hang your earrings and bracelets unto the mesh wire. For the corkboard, hang it on your wall and fill it with push pins. Hang necklaces for storage. They will also be a pretty ornamental piece.

So which Diamond Deals Online trick did you find most useful?

Hello there gentlemen. We know you’ve been running the same question on your head for months now. What ring should I buy when I pop her question? Of course, you’d want to get your woman something really special and something that will somehow be a symbol of your love for her. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Say hello to platinum diamond solitaire rings. But how do you exactly buy one? Again, you are in luck as we have some expert tips and tricks for you.

Remember the 4 Cs which stand for clarity, color, carat weight and cut.

4cs of diamondsCLARITY describes the absence of internal and external blemishes on the diamond itself. Diamonds like most minerals on earth are formed after millions of years through pressure from the earth’s crust and core. It is common for these stones to have internal blemishes that could appear as small flakes of other color or minor scratches. What are rare are those that have very minimal to none.

COLOR is also a thing to remember. Most people are accustomed to the translucent diamonds but there too are those that have hue in them such as yellow, black, brown, pink and blue.

CARAT WEIGHT is all about the mass of the stone. Of course, the bigger it is, the more rare and expensive it becomes. Remember that solitaire rings were popularized by famous jeweler Tiffany & Co. decades back when they released their six prong version. They are characterized by a single stone set on the metal.

CUT completes the 4 Cs. This is very essential when it comes to luster, shine and fire. The way that a diamond or any other precious stone is cut affects the way in which light travels and reflects from it. The better the cut and the more facets it has, the better its luster and fire. There are many cuts for diamond solitaire rings (i.e. princess, asher, pillow, round, etc).

Additionally, it is important for you to make ample research before you go out and purchase right then and there. Know the jeweler or supplier first and ascertain not only their product quality but their customer service and client feedback as well.

When you have finally bought the best platinum diamond solitaire rings that your beau will love, then all you need is a bucketful of courage to go and ask her the question. Don’t worry, she’ll say a big fat yes!

Diamond rings and jewelry is quite the classic accessory. Besides, as the famous song goes, “diamonds are forever”. Their brilliant luster and shine is a testament to its beauty. Who would have thought that the earth’s intense pressure and friction can create something so magnanimous and stunning? In fact this gemstone in particular is by far the most famous of its kind and a favorite when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. Now, are you ready to get to know about it a little more? Read on and discover other amazing fun facts about our favorite gemstone!

  • loose diamond stonesDid you know that around eighty percent of the diamonds mined today are used in the industrial market for grinding, polishing, cutting and drilling? Why so? They are known to be strong and hard that it takes a diamond to scratch another.
  • About 4,500 years ago in the so called Stone Age, ancient Chinese used them not as accessories but as a tool to polish their ceremonial burial axes made of corundum.
  • You can also find them in space. As a matter of fact, Travis Metcalfe, an astronomer of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics together with his team found one that is four thousand kilometers wide making it a ten billion trillion carat find! That would mean a thirty five digit number excluding the decimal points! They named it Lucy after the infamous Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds song by the Beatles. It is actually the heart of a star that got shrunk and faded away so one would say that it is one enormous chunk of crystallized carbon!
  • Colorless stones are quit common today but this precious rock can also come in other hues such as pale yellow, blue, brown, orange, green, pink, red and even black.
  •  During the 13th century in France, a law has been passed that prohibits everyone else from wearing diamonds except for the king. Talk about exclusivity!
  • They are found some ninety to a hundred and twenty miles beneath the earth’s surface. They are only carried upwards all thanks to volcanic eruptions. Do not worry though because they do not burn or melt easily. Actually their melting point is at 6,420 F while their boiling point is at a whopping 8,720 F. Whew! Are you sweating yet?
  • Its etymology can be traced to the Greek term “Adamas”. It means "unconquerable and indestructible” much like the diamond which is considered one of the hardest substances known to man.
  • Roughly two hundred and fifty tons of rocks, soil, mud and earth will be mined in order to produce a single carat of diamond.

Over the years and as seen in decades and centuries past, red has been a symbol of nobility, power and of course love and passion. In jewelry to be exact, red engagement rings have become popular and more and more couples are considering other gemstones apart from the classic clear diamonds. If you are one of them then rubies, rubelites and rhodolite garnets might interest you. Get to know about them as you read on below.

rubelite ringThe RUBY comes in a fiery and intense red hue that old beliefs state that it will shine through even if hidden under thick clothing. It is also considered a noble stone of the kings. It is so precious and highly valued that legend has it that a Chinese emperor in the name of Kublai Khan gave a whole city in exchange for one.

Furthermore, it has always been connected to the sun with its vibrant color. According to folklore, it can boil water and even melt wax. Likewise it protects its bearer from plague, sickness, danger, depression, nightmares, war, disputes and imprudent thoughts.

The RUBELITE also called the pink tourmaline comes in a similar shade, deep red or bright and glowing pink. This stone can be found in many countries all over the world such as Brazil, Madagascar, United States of America and Russia.

Rubelites are considered a healings tone that soothes emotional heartaches as it brings comfort, safety and peace to the wearer. It balances ones emotions and is also good for spiritual health. Likewise, its sense of stability helps assuage obsessive behavior and stress. If one feels like drowning in a whole slew of emotions, try putting a Rubelite under your pillow or beside your bed when you sleep.

The RHODOLITE GARNET is more of a red-violet, deep rose or raspberry red gemstone. Its etymology is derived from a Greek word “rhodon” that means rose colored and the Medieval Latin “gratanum” meaning dark red. This stone is referred to as the trusting stone as it radiates warmth, sincerity, genuineness and honesty. Because of this it is often worn to encourage confidence and trust between couples.

It is believed to be a great spirit and mind cleanser that rids of negative energy and bad feelings. Likewise, rhodolite garnet gemstones have been historically used as talismans to protect the wearer from any kind of physical injuries, increases one’s survival instincts especially in times of war and battle.

Giving your rings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewellery some much needed clean and shine is a must to keep their luster, quality and splendor at its peak. But of course, you will not always have the luxury of time to go out and head to a service store. Plus, doing so occasionally and on a regular or daily basis can become costly over time. So what’s the best thing to do? Well, why not try to do it on your own at the convenience of your home with regular home items? Diamond Deals Online has generously given us a guide on cleaning your rings and jewellery using everyday home items. Read on and know how science can bring back luster to your jewelry!

cleaning diamondBAKING SODA is a classic home item used in cleaning and removing foul odors. It can also be used when cleaning jewelry items too! It effectively removes any tarnish from your silver. Here’s how: In a bowl mix two tablespoons of water with one fourth cup baking soda. Using a damp cloth or sponge, rub the paste unto your ring or necklace. Rinse and tap dry with a clean cloth.

VINEGAR is also very effective with anything that is made of in whole or in part of pure silver. Here’s how: Make a mixture of two tablespoons baking soda and half a cup of vinegar. Soak the item for two hours, run under lukewarm or cold water and dry thoroughly making sure that there are no vinegar and baking soda residue left.

TOOTHPASTE can also clean not only your teeth! It’s strong enough to remove dirt but gentle enough to not damage your charms. The same procedure is done as when you try to achieve sparkly white teeth! Here’s how: Get an “old” toothbrush or a new one that you have no plans of putting into your mouth. Apply pea sized toothpaste and get to cleaning. Rinse and dry with a smooth cloth. This is a good option for diamond rings and earrings.

ALKA-SELTZER can also bring back lost sparkle. Here’s how: Drop your jewelry into a bowl or glass of fizzing Alka-Seltzer for a good ten minutes or so and see it come back to its shining glory.

BEER is your option if you are dealing with anything gold. Here’s how: With a sponge or cloth pour in some beer to make it damp enough. Get a new cloth and damp it with water, rub into jewelry to rinse out the beer.

More than half of the population uses the internet every single day and people today prefers to shop online because it is more convenient for the buyer most specially for those who don’t have the time to actually go out to shop. Online selling is the largest market now and this is a good advertisement if you are in a business. Online shopping is a procedure where the consumer or buyer purchases products through the internet. Alternative names would be; e-store, e-shop, internet shop, web shop, online store, e-web-store and web-store. Common products sold online would be clothes, shoes, food, beauty products, jewelries and many more. One site to visit if you’re looking for the best jewelries in UK would be Diamond Deals Online.

Diamond Deals Online offer rings from a vast selection of Jewelry like fine diamond rings and gem set rings that suit any collection at a fantastic rate. They provide a very efficient service that makes the customers very satisfied in finding the greatest jewelry present. All products sold here is of high quality and brand new. Choices of rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, gem sets, pearls and platinum are given. Both the buyer and the receiver would surely be contented.

diamond deals onlineTips on how to buy a diamond online:

  • Research – It is wise to research about a product before buying one. Know the most important thing about diamonds which is the characteristics and these are the carat, cut, color and clarity (4 Cs). There are also other specific characteristics used to determine the value and price of a stone like the diameter and depth for example. The greater the knowledge the better the selection would be. It is sensible to study more about diamond specifications.
  • Learn the deal – The standard pricing reference used by sellers in the diamond industry is called a “Rap Sheet”. It is an advantage for a consumer to be able to have a glance on the monthly pricing report so that they can bargain if a price is much higher than it should be. As buyers, the best deal would be the right place to buy.
  • Find the right dealer – Choosing the dealer is pretty much important so when it comes to online diamond buying just stick with sites that have a positive feedback. That is why research is essential at the beginning of every purchase online.