Giving your rings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewellery some much needed clean and shine is a must to keep their luster, quality and splendor at its peak. But of course, you will not always have the luxury of time to go out and head to a service store. Plus, doing so occasionally and on a regular or daily basis can become costly over time. So what’s the best thing to do? Well, why not try to do it on your own at the convenience of your home with regular home items? Diamond Deals Online has generously given us a guide on cleaning your rings and jewellery using everyday home items. Read on and know how science can bring back luster to your jewelry!

cleaning diamondBAKING SODA is a classic home item used in cleaning and removing foul odors. It can also be used when cleaning jewelry items too! It effectively removes any tarnish from your silver. Here’s how: In a bowl mix two tablespoons of water with one fourth cup baking soda. Using a damp cloth or sponge, rub the paste unto your ring or necklace. Rinse and tap dry with a clean cloth.

VINEGAR is also very effective with anything that is made of in whole or in part of pure silver. Here’s how: Make a mixture of two tablespoons baking soda and half a cup of vinegar. Soak the item for two hours, run under lukewarm or cold water and dry thoroughly making sure that there are no vinegar and baking soda residue left.

TOOTHPASTE can also clean not only your teeth! It’s strong enough to remove dirt but gentle enough to not damage your charms. The same procedure is done as when you try to achieve sparkly white teeth! Here’s how: Get an “old” toothbrush or a new one that you have no plans of putting into your mouth. Apply pea sized toothpaste and get to cleaning. Rinse and dry with a smooth cloth. This is a good option for diamond rings and earrings.

ALKA-SELTZER can also bring back lost sparkle. Here’s how: Drop your jewelry into a bowl or glass of fizzing Alka-Seltzer for a good ten minutes or so and see it come back to its shining glory.

BEER is your option if you are dealing with anything gold. Here’s how: With a sponge or cloth pour in some beer to make it damp enough. Get a new cloth and damp it with water, rub into jewelry to rinse out the beer.

More than half of the population uses the internet every single day and people today prefers to shop online because it is more convenient for the buyer most specially for those who don’t have the time to actually go out to shop. Online selling is the largest market now and this is a good advertisement if you are in a business. Online shopping is a procedure where the consumer or buyer purchases products through the internet. Alternative names would be; e-store, e-shop, internet shop, web shop, online store, e-web-store and web-store. Common products sold online would be clothes, shoes, food, beauty products, jewelries and many more. One site to visit if you’re looking for the best jewelries in UK would be Diamond Deals Online.

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diamond deals onlineTips on how to buy a diamond online:

  • Research – It is wise to research about a product before buying one. Know the most important thing about diamonds which is the characteristics and these are the carat, cut, color and clarity (4 Cs). There are also other specific characteristics used to determine the value and price of a stone like the diameter and depth for example. The greater the knowledge the better the selection would be. It is sensible to study more about diamond specifications.
  • Learn the deal – The standard pricing reference used by sellers in the diamond industry is called a “Rap Sheet”. It is an advantage for a consumer to be able to have a glance on the monthly pricing report so that they can bargain if a price is much higher than it should be. As buyers, the best deal would be the right place to buy.
  • Find the right dealer – Choosing the dealer is pretty much important so when it comes to online diamond buying just stick with sites that have a positive feedback. That is why research is essential at the beginning of every purchase online.

Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring is an ideal present to give someone close to our hearts most especially if you’re looking for an engagement ring. Engagement rings are the most precious gifts one can receive and it is available in different designs, cuts, shapes and stones. However, compared to other types of stone diamonds outstand the most. Once you look at a design and you would come to think about that particular person, this means you know it’s the right one. The important thing about giving a ring as a gift is not about how expensive or elegant it is, what matters most is the sentimental value and the impact of that person in your life. Although there are a lot of Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring Designs to choose from, you will know which one would be perfect when you see it.

The cut of the diamond does not only denote the shape of the diamond or the number of facets. The quality of the cut is very significant. Facets are small polished plane surfaces of a cut gemstone. Majority of the diamond in the market today are round brilliant shapes but there are also other shapes you can select.

Here are some designs you can choose from:

  • platinum solitair diamond ringPlatinum Princess Cut Diamond Ring – The princess cut is known to be the second most popular diamond ring for engagement rings. The cut has pointed corners and it is usually square in shape. It is a very beautiful diamond cut.
  • Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring – This design is the most popular and most researched diamond cut or shape. According to studies, 70% of the diamonds are cut into this shape because of its perfectly proportioned cut. The shape consists of 56-58 facets including the culet. Culet is the flat face at the bottom of the gem. These facets maximize the quantity of light that is reflected from the inside which produces spark. This is typically round in shape.
  • Emerald Cut Diamond Ring – This shape highlights a diamonds clarity for a striking effect. For women who runs more to the classic this would be an outstanding choice. The shape of this cut is rectangular.
  • Marquise Cut Diamond Ring – The marquise cut is a special cut for a diamond, bearing a low pointed oval with usually 58 facets. This unique elongated cut is pursued after its ability to make the fingers look long and slim.

Green amethyst, also known as Prasiolite are actually not green to begin with. Most are clear or purple in color but with heat they change into a green shade. The amethyst can get heated by a volcano or by heat under the earth, these produces the naturally green amethyst. Nowadays, amethyst can be heated artificially to make it into a green amethyst. These precious gems ca be found in Brazil, Arizona, Nevada and California.

Mystical Gem

green amethyst ringThe green amethyst gems, as well as the purple amethyst, are famous for their healing properties. It is said that it helps one from drunkenness and some personality disorders. It also serves as a guard against negative forces of energy. It said to help some overcome physical pain as well.

Green amethysts also open up ones psychic ability, a third eye if you will. If these gems are worn as a pendant and it is closer to the heart it will enhance your sense of love and compassion.


The price of this precious gem varies widely. Obviously, the more expensive ones are those that are naturally green because it is rare. The artificially made ones have far lesser value than the naturally heated amethysts since it can be massed produced. You will need to ask around and trust only the expert gemmologists.

The Ring

Nowadays, coloured engagement rings are a fad ever since Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with a blue sapphire engagement ring. But there is something so special with green amethyst rings. You see if you give someone this ring, you not only show her how much you value her and how much you love her, but it also means that you want her to get protected from the negative energy surrounding her. It will also balance her mind and body. Plus it will also enhance her love and affection for you. That’s what this gem can do to the person you love.

It can also be a promise ring if you don’t intend to propose just yet, but want to give her something special as a gesture of your love for her. Or perhaps an anniversary gift to your wife or even a valentine’s gift for that matter.

Natural prasiolites are not so abundant and the ones you see now on the market are artificially treated amethysts. So if you want to buy the natural ones prepare to pay a hefty price for it. But hey it is well worth it!